Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is the medical director of Advanced Dermatology of New York, PC and specializes in the area of Medical, Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology.

If you’re still struggling with acne, it might be because you’re not getting enough Vitamin D.

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” plays a major role in healing and preventing acne, and chances are that you’re not getting enough of it.

In fact, Vitamin D levels have been steadily declining over a number of decades, and 75% of American adults are clinically deficient.*
Are you at risk for Vitamin D deficiency?

You might be, if…

You work indoors
You live in a gray, rainy climate
It’s winter
You don’t get sunshine on your bare skin at least 3 times per week
You have darker skin (anything other than “fair”)

Lawrence Jaeger wants you to know how Vitamin D helps defeat acne?

Vitamin D:

Reduces wrinkles and makes your skin soft, strong, and smooth (the “glow”)
Benefits/prevents diabetes by controlling your insulin response (also improving acne)
Cools inflammation, reducing acne
Boosts your immune system, often fighting off flu infections as effectively as flu shots (recent studies confirm this)
Improves mood and eases depression
Allows you to absorb calcium, preventing osteoporosis (in fact, you really can’t absorb calcium without Vitamin D!)
Fights cancer by taming the wild reproduction of cancer cells
Reduces respiratory infections
Relieves body aches by reducing muscle spasms

In short, you must get enough of this vitamin, for your health and longevity, and especially for your acne.
Lawrence Jaeger recommends Get Vitamin D from sun first, then take pills as a backup